Checkers Variants At A Glance

Checkers is a game that has been in existence for several years now and yet has maintained its worldwide appeal. Here we will delve on the different variations to the game of Chinese Checkers. Some of them are based on the country of origin while others are derived from American checkers with some rule innovations and additional challenges.

Polish Draughts. Instead of the black, the while pieces moves first. With the exception of the king, pieces can capture the opponent's pieces backwards. Polish Draughts is played in the Netherlands, Belgium, Eastern Europe, France, former USSR, and some African nations.

English draughts. Each player has 12 pieces. The game is played on an 8 x 8 board. Kings are prohibited from capturing an opponent's checkers backwards only in a forward direction.

Canadian checkers. Each player has thirty pieces maneuvering on a 12 x 12 board. White takes the first move. Other rules of American checkers are applied to the game.

Russian Checkers. Each player has 12 pieces making their way around an 8 x 8 board. White makes the first move. Standard as well as promoted pieces can move forward and backward.

Spanish Checkers. If both the promoted and a regular piece can leap, the king should be the one to leap.

Lasca. Played on a 7 x 7 board, only 25 squares are used at first. When pieces are leapt over they are positioned below the jumper, creating a tower of pieces. So, when a tower has been leapt over, only the top piece is captured by the opponent.

Anti-checkers. The first player to consume his pieces or has no legal moves or blocked pieces win the game.

Cheskers. A mixture of chess and checkers. The player starts with a chess piece, bishop, and knight. They will advance in a 3, 1 manner so that they will stay in the dark squares. When a piece is in the last row, they are promoted to become a knight, bishop, or king.

Tiers or Ultra-Checkers. Pieces are promoted to king upon reaching King Row. Once they reach their own king row, they get the next tier and receives a higher status. The pieces move in a back and forth manner until it reaches the fifth tier. Every promotion corresponds to greater powers.

Standoff. This is a game that combines dice and checkers.

These are just some of the popular variants of Chinese Checkers. As a result, you can never get enough of checkers. When you get bored of one variant, simply proceed to the next.