Different Game Variations Lets You Enjoy Checkers

chinese checkers is a classic board game played by 2 to 6 people at a time. The aim of the game is to position your pieces in the end opposite from where you started one move or leap over other pieces. Here we will look at the two variants of the game and how they are played. The two kinds of checker games are hop across and capture.

Hop Across

In this game variant, each player puts their colored marbles on one end of the star and tries to relocate all the marbles in the opposite end. Players alternate in moving a marble, either one step or a chain of multiple hops. Each step consists of moving a marble to the nearest vacant space. One hop involves leaping over one adjacent marble, either their own or an opponent's, to an empty area.

It is not a requirement to move the marble by several hops whenever possible in the chain. In some cases you may opt to stop advancing through the chain to hinder the progress of your opponent or to line up their marbles for succeeding moves.

The basic technique is to look for the longest leaping direction rather than advancing one step at a time. But, since multiple players can utilize whatever leaping ladders the other player builds, expert strategy demands that you prevent the opponent while boosting your own chances.


Capture is another variation of Chinese checkers. Here all the sixty checkers are placed in the hexagonal field in the middle of the board. The solitary hole in the middle remains vacant so that there will be a balanced pattern. Each player alternates in leaping from any checker on the board. These pieces are then captured and gathered in the player's bin.

At the conclusion of the game, whoever has the highest number of captured pieces wins. At first the board will be crowded. However, as more pieces are jumped over and captured, it becomes more likely to capture several pieces at one time. In capture, more than two players can take part. Although there is no upper limit to the number of competitors, having more than six players will not give each player a fair chance.

The fast pace nature of capture provides opportunities for jumping over several vacant spots. The original game provides for only minimal hops.

These are just two variations that Chinese checkers can provide its players. Well, what are you waiting for? Go and experience capture or hop across.