Tips To Having A Killer Strategy In Checkers

chinese checkers is a complicated but easy to learn board game. It is not enough that you know how to play the game. Just like in any kind of game, having an effective strategy is the most important ingredient in winning.

It takes a lot of determination and practice in order to perfect your strategy. While practicing, a numbered board will serve as the most important tool in your arsenal. If no numbered board is available, you can improvise by writing down numbers on an ordinary board and it will have a similar effect. However, if this is your option, place numbers only on the dark squares because they will be the ones to be used during the game.

The player with the black pieces starts the game. When black has made his initial move, it is now the turn of white. The process continues in an alternating manner. To become the winner, your aim is to capture all your opponent's men or block their pieces in a way that they cannot move.

A rule of thumb in Chinese checkers is to capture the pieces of your opponent. Of course, if the situation presents itself, you can capture multiple pieces if this will put you in the driver's seat.

At all times, make sure that you have a good opening move. Although there are various kinds of openings that you can make, the pattern and basic strategy will become evident during the game. However, you would not gain any experience if you will not play. Learning the theories is invaluable if you will not actually play the game.

When one of your pieces reaches the last row at the opponent's side, it is promoted to a king. This piece has the power to advance and capture pieces forward, backward, or capture multiple pieces in one move. However, the king is restricted to advance a single square at a time.

In the game of checkers, capturing an opponent's piece can both be a duty and privilege. As a novice, you may easily forget that there are instances when capturing is unwelcome. You may capture a hostile piece but in the end two or more of your pieces will be captured by your opponent.

Finally, we go to your endgame which should serve as your finishing blow. If your opponent has four kings and you only have three, then you need to work hard to turn things around. Such kind of scenario will have its rewards because it will tremendously increase your playing abilities.

However, an endgame scenario of three kings against two is often confusing for a newcomer because they lack knowledge of the basic strategy. Faced with this kind of situation, your best move is to keep on advancing until you get your opponent's king in exchange for one of yours. Another strategy is to sacrifice one king so that you would be in a position of blocking your opponent's remaining king.

So go ahead? Practice your skills and become make your Chinese checkers venture a successful one.

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