Using Advanced Strategies To Win In Chinese Checkers

Contrary to what many people may think, chinese checkers did not originate from China but was derived form the German board game Halma. The rules of the game are elementary but becoming an expert in the game may take some time. Expert players not only know how to move their pegs but also impede the movement of their opponents.

Here are helpful strategies that will help ensure a successful venture in the game of checkers.

Basic Strategy 1. Play in two, three, or five opponents, with each competing against an opponent on the other end of the board. You can play against five players provided that one is a novice or a child who has no opponent but just advances their pegs to the other end of the board.

2. Gain victory by moving your ten pegs from your side passing the middle board and into your opponent's side. If the other player hinders you from advancing your pegs into their end by keeping one peg on that side, you are still victorious.

3. Move your pegs from one vacant hole to the succeeding or leaping over a peg into the space after it. You can advance to any direction and jump over a peg, even yours.

4. You can jump over several pegs in a single turn but never at a time. Pegs are not cleared from the board.

5. The game commences until only one player is left to complete the goal of the game.

Advanced Strategies

1. Utilize unfamiliar rules that lets you jump over a peg that is close to your pegs. For instance, if a peg is located a couple of holes away from your peg and there are three unoccupied holes after it, you can leap over to the two vacant holes and a couple more after the peg to land on the third hole.

2. Keep your own pegs clustered together to hinder your opponent from leaping over several pegs in one turn.

3. When playing several positions, build a bridge between the two corners involved in the play and then move your pegs as fast as you can through several jumps. As much as possible, do not let your opponent do the same with their pegs.

4. Impede your opponent from advancing into multiple positions by advancing your pegs into your opponent's side to block the movement of their pegs into the end.

5. Use tandem play. Help one another in moving pegs in an effort to overcome your opponent and their partner.

By using these basic and advanced techniques, you will be able to emerge victorious in Chinese checkers.